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In 2008 a widow,suffering from dimentia, living in Orangevale, California was sold a Pinnacle Alarm System through scare tactics and lies. They scare her, telling her there were home invasions, robberies and rapes in her area.

I'm told the returning Mormon missionaries are hired to work in areas they previously covered. They installed the system the same day they sold it to her. I was only by chance we found out about it. Luckily we found out within the 3-day law that allows you to cancel a contract.

She didn't know who the company was; didn't know the password she was to use and luckily had the phone number of the installed. Our Son had Durable Power of Attorney for her affairs and we faxed them and cancelled the contract. They came back and literally 'ripped' out the control box leaving a ragged hole in the sheetrock, pulled the contacts from the doors leaving 1 3/4" holes drilled in the wood frame and ripped off the double-faced tape on the sliding doors. They broke the telephone connection so she couldn't use her phone.

I have pictures of all this.

We were going to sue Pinnacle on her behalf but circumstances didn't allow us to follow through, unfortunately. THEY ARE A BAD COMPANY!!!

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The defensive comments are definitely at the very least prepared by Pinnacle Legal Department. I am as trained as they are.

Pinnacle has been dishonest with us, "stolen" from us and I shall not divulge details as a law suit is pending but everyone needs to stay AWAY FROM THEM AS WELL AS DEVCON. THEY ARE THIEVES IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING. UPPER MANGEMENT SHOULD BE UNDER THE JAILS. THEIR DAY SHALL COME.

I hope they know that the sins of the parents shall fall upon the children. Let us pray they are childless !!!!


I question your comment. Google 'Pinnacle Home Alarm Systems Review' and you'll see many, many

derogative reports on this sick excuse for a legitimate company. Also, check out Better Business Bureau for their opinion.

You don't mention the home damage but if they did 'damage' your home, that should say something about their workmanship. How do you 'damage' a home installing an alarm system?

They should be put out of business. If someone is *** enough to buy them out, they are asking for a lot of problems.


i used to work for them in collections....and they fired me without just cause (they were really merging with another company and didnt care to tell me that). Aracelli was my boss and she is the worst boss i have ever had....she is pedudice.

I would never go back and work for them.

And i always tell people never ever buy an alarm system from pinnacle they really just dont care. Actions speak louder than words


We did call them a couple of days after it happened. The receptionist told us the man who took care of those things was out and she would have him call us back.

He never did. We called once more and the same thing happened.

I question your remarks..What damage did they do in your home? You aren't specific and it sounds like someone from Pinnacle trying to make them sound legitimate.

What did they do for you? I'm interested. Who did you talk with?

What do you mean "These Situations"? Sound fishy to me..


That is a frustrating situation, but Pinnacle is awesome about these kids of situations. If you have a home damage claim they'll cover it.

Just call them up. They totally took care of us and we're good as new...

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