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We agreed to purchase Pinnacle's home security system. They sent out the installer.

He proceeded to install the system before checking to be sure we could get a wireless signal. We are a rural area and we do use cell phones. After he installed the system he discovered that he could not get signal with any of the companies they were trying to work with. He uninstalled his equipment and thought he could re-install my current system.

Not successful. He damaged beyond repair on panel. Left holes in the walls. (we built our home new 5 years ago so I don't appreciate the holes) I had to call my current security company to come and repair and reinstall my system.

I faxed the bill to the "home damage" dept. of Pinnacle at their request and was told they would reimburse my for the bill. So far not happening. I called and was told the check would be in the mail.

The next week still no check. Called again. Was "promised" the check was being sent out. A week later still no check.

I called and was told that the process had been denied by the first supervisor, approved by the next supervisor when I called last week. Now was told it had been denied again. Left on hold again. Came back and said it had been approved but for $100 less than the bill.

After explaining the step by step situation here during the unsuccessful installation I was put on hold again. He came back to say the whole amount had be approved and a check would be mailed. Should have it next week. We'll see.

I think it is all just another lie to put me off thinking that I'll eventually just give up. Wrong! I work hard for my money. The bill is for $275.

I know it won't break me for them not to pay it but that's not the point. BTW, check the BBB.

They have an F rating. Wish I had checked that before allowing them even in my house.

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Thank you Ringtailusa for your final comment saying they resolved your issue. You as the consumer should have asked in the first place what cellular system was being put in. Especially since if you live in an area with 'no cell coverage'. You should be more aware of this then anybody. To be in an area with no coverage should be a first sign to you that a system using a cell phone would not work.

And as for the bbb rating. Don't you know the bbb is a scam in itself? as the previous person said, just watch the video from 20/20 news, its all there.

Next time you get with a company, read all documents, and ask lots of questions. Questions never hurt. You could have asked, "What wireless cell phone signal does the security systems use?" The technician would have said, "T-mobile, and AT&T". And you could have stopped the install there before it happened.

I'm sorry to you that you had to go through this, but it could have been avoided in your part. But also I'm glad to see the issue was resolved.


First let me say that Pinnacle has just resolved the issue I had with them.I have received the check in full for restoring my current system.

Thank you.

And to get one thing straight, I wasn't mad at them for not being able to provide service. I have a landline which we use for our current system. I was unhappy with them for not checking serviceablity before they un-installed my system and installed theirs. That should have been done first. The reason I wouldn't use theirs on the landline is because I wanted a service they provide only by wireless and they understood that up front. I have exactly what they could have offered by landline now and it cost me $30/month less. All of this was talked about before installation. It would have saved the installer's time as well as the money they have been out having my system repaired. I have repaired the holes in my walls myself. No, I don't live in the middle of the sahara desert but I do live in a very comfortable, quiet rural area. As far as the BBB, I have relatives that work for the BBB - you believe what you want to and I will believe what I want to. In my opinion they work.

Just thankful to say all is resolved here.


So let me get this straight- You don't want to pay for a landline, which is understandable in today's world, so you have to have a cellular alarm system. That's like me.

But for some reason your home can't get a T-Mobile or AT&T signal (the signal Pinnacle cell cards use to communicate) so you get upset at them for not being able to provide service to you.

Where the heck do you live, the middle of the sahara desert? How can you live without being able to make phone calls yourself?


You can't use the BBB as a way to judge companies- didn't you see the 20/20 news report on them? You BUY ratings!

Pinnacle has been great for us, and we read on the BBB website that they have resolved 100% of the complaints raised. I wish I could say the same for my insurance company...

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