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This *** claims to be able to record gameplay. That parts true, doesn't mention the fact that what it records is choppy gameplay(it drops frames a whole lot making it look like some horrible edit of cut scenes).

I played my PS3 using this and the result was a horrible formatted video(lowest quality). It was blurry as ***, I couldn't even see the letters in the game!

I actually figured out what the issue is, Dazzle records from Y/W/R cords which are bad quality to begin with. It just makes it even worse. They are scamming everyone who buys it, even more if they buy that "upgraded" *** on their site. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A 'Y/W/R' HIGH QUALITY RECORDER! DO NOT BUY!

The images below are of the product and the result. That blurred to *** image is of CoD: BO. You should see how terrible the video looked afterwards(all messed up, could almost be mistaken for a slideshow of images!).

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Piscataway Township, New Jersey, United States #673773

You need to configure it properly and have a decent video card on your computer for it to work best. If you believe YWR os low quality they do make hdmi, component and dvi capture cards.

Maybe you should have started with one of them. If used correctly however the dazzle does produce decent results.

to Paradox #674320

Do you have any idea what your talking about? Do you even have the device or ever even used it? Seen it? It doesn't record from HDMI, you have the choice of YWR or S-Video on the device(I don't know what S-Video is but it didn't work when I tried to use it).

This site is intended to bring attention to bad products such as this to my belief, it's not a site where someone posts a complaint and someone else provides them with a solution. I already know of the existence of HDMI, I use it. I did not mention any capture cards that weren't performing correctly as described when purchased I am speaking of the device at hand, the Dazzle.

Sir/Ma'am, if you can't understand that based off what you see around this site. Leave, now. Thank you. :)

Oh, as well. Either you or someone else replies to this review with PROOF of what you say, therefore proving me wrong or IT'S NOT TRUE. END OF DISCUSSION.

to IcIgnorance #1102100

Evidently you didn't read the instructions either..LMAO!

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