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Pinnacle prevents others from taking your goods to gain more for themselves. They are a total rip off and a scam. The sale rep promised 3 free months, 2 for the deal of the day and 1 for placing their sign in my from yard.30 day cancellation if I'm not satisfied and a monthly rate of $40.00. Everything was great until the end of the first month when they deducted for month 1 and at $49.95, so i called the company and they told me i must contact the rep as the information provided by him lead to my billing.

I called him and he said he would fix it but they don't issue credit so it will be added to the billing time when it is active. I agreed if he fixed it or i want him to cancel my plan. I called again to confirm and he said it was straighten out...The following month another deduction I told him i wanted it canceled and my money back, spoke with customer service again and they said they can't give me a credit as all is final and only the rep can cancel the plan. I called my bank and disputed it which i won, as i provided them voice recordings. I moved out the home shortly after and told them to get their equipment, but was informed to leave for the new tenant/owner as they will try and sell them a plan. Funny people! I had peaceful months after and suddenly another deduction on my statement, now they are saying their was no cancellation filed but of a transfer logged in their system and the only way out now was to buy out the plan at $400.00.

Do not trust them, do not allow them in your home and do not sign any contracts!

!!!!Pinnacle home security is #1 for Thieves among Thieves!!!!!

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DId you sign a rental agreement?If not the contract is void because you are not the homeowner.

Unless the recorded conversation you had you told them you were the homeowner.

If you did you are legally obligated to the contract and they will send you to collections if you do not live up to your end of the bargain.If you contact your landlord an tell them what happened they can call and demand it be removed but I hardly doubt they will allow you out of the contract.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #241442

I was *** enough to sign up with this LOW-LIFE company.My husband had just deoployed to Afghanistan just weeks after moving to America from overseas.The rep told me they were part of ADT.

I was told I could cancel after A year, now I'm stuck in A contract I cannot get out of.I'm not even A homeowner!

I think I'm going to just call my bank & cancel the transaction.

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