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I became a pinnacle customer in 2007 when I purchased my new home. One month into the contract my alarm had gone off three times after we left the our home. After complaining to this company I finally had a tech come out and look at our equipment. He first stated it was us causing the alarm to go off. Well after 1 hour of investigating, he realized that the front door sensor was defective so he replaced the equipment.

In 2009 my alarm equipment (wall panel) was not working at all. So I called once again and got into a heated discussion with customer service about my service. The first rep could not find me in the system, so after about an hour into our conversation, I requested to speak with a mgr. Of course he said no one was available and put me on hold for another 20 minutes before hanging up on me.

I called back, explained the situation once again and I was told a mgr would be calling me in 24 hrs. I took 10 calls with in five days after the initial call to speak with a mgr and of course after arguing with him I finally got a tech out to my house.

He was there 2 hours trying to figure out who was monitoring my system (Pinnacle or ADT) no one knew and yet again the equipment was to blame. Oh but this time he did not replace the wall panel unit. Since this was installed in 07, that equipment has been replaced with a better system (yea right).

Well here I am several months later and my home is not being monitored. I researched the company and got a phone number. Which turns out to be the branch mgr's number (how often does that happen)? I have not got a call back regarding my scheduled time a tech is suppose to go out.

This company is a total rip off. Don't sign with them... They will only take your money

Monetary Loss: $1.

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That's what you get for not checking out the reviews first. :p


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Take the panel off the wall and throw it through the front window... then call a better alarm company.

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