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I have been on hold waiting for a service tech to take my call for over 50 minutes. They sent a replacement sensor and told me to call when t came so they could walk me through the setup program.

Waiting, waiting and waiting. This is not my first poor experience with them. Bottom line..... choose a different provider!

Now we have passed the one hour point! Wow, they get you in an agreement, then they could care less. On one occassion we drove home from 90 miles away due to an alarm and we beat their responder. Not a very secure feeling.

Now i call a neighbor as soon as my phone alerts me to alarm. shouldnt have to do that

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I am sorry to hear that you had an unpleasant experience with us. If I, or Pinnacle Security can help make things right for you, please send your information to I would be happy to help resolve any additional concerns you may have.

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