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Ohhh let me start by saying that the Representative that knocked on my door was very nice and helpful...yet very deceiving. The deal was to get a new security system.

Well the house is 30 years old. I warned the rep and the installer or this (which is amazing that the installer showed up right after the sales rep). Well stating that my old system wouldn't be a problem, we proceeded. First false alarm..that night.

Then next morning at work...and so on. Well they send out the installer again to assess the problem. They adjust some sensors, and go off on their merry way....That afternoon, and night...same problems. Couple days latter the installer comes back out, an notes that the system is old and several sensors will need to be replaced at around 100 bucks a pop.

(8 in total) Well I go on line and find these same sensors...for around 3 to 8 dollars a pop..okay I understand labor fees, no problem. Well while installing censored I noticed that their installed had improperly spliced wires and those sensors go off all by themselves with the wind. I go to cancel this...haahahaha no, I'm in a contract. I ask that they change the automatic withdrawal day to the 1st when I get paid...they say no.

No to mention that they want 50 bucks a month when competitors in this area are going from 35 a month to 20, for the same service. Well shame on me for not looking around, shame on this company for it's level of service.

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Shouldn't have gotten sold

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